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This is the official site of the epic doom metal entity UNEARTHED ELF.  Welcome, dear friend!  Here in the dark, dank depths of the Catacomb Abyss, far below ground level the crypts are dimly lit by the flickering light of eternal candle flame.  


Among these forgotten ruins, UNEARTHED ELF will guide you on a journey into the realms of everlasting night.  The key to vengeance is the Necrosteel, which lies deep with in the Catacomb Abyss, an element forged in dragon's breath amongst the highest altitudes of the Plane Of Elemetal Air, infused with wyvern poison, and quenched in the sorrowful tears of the dead in the lowest depths of the Reservoir Of Despair. 


Now, brothers and sisters of doom... Fill thy goblet to the brim with strong ale, and prepare to sing with the chorus of the dead as you headbang mercilessly in the ancient, cobweb-laden mausoleum!  Hear the call from the sprial staircase leading deep into the unknown depths of the forgotten crypts... On this night, together we shall be victorious!  The Necrosteel shall be ours... Join the quest!  

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